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Dress Code


Students need to be prepared for school, which includes an appropriate appearance. Most of our students do an excellent job and look like professional students. Teachers check in the morning for appropriate, professional appearance. Students who do not wear appropriate school attire will be asked to make a change. Students may need to have clothing brought from home or supplied by the school to finish the day. Students who fail to comply with the dress code on more than three occasions will be treated as defiant. In order to look like professional students, your children should come to school with the following:


  • No spaghetti straps or shoulder straps less than two inches wide, no halter tops or tops with only one shoulder. Tops must completely cover the student’s torso and chest area. 

  • Shorts, skirts, or dresses must be at least the length where the line of the palm meets the fingers when arms are held at the student’s side. The student’s backside must be properly covered. 

  • Clothing must conceal undergarments and no low neckline (cleavage showing).

  • All clothing must be size appropriate. This applies to loose-fitting or overly tight and revealing garments. Pants may be worn no lower than the hip. 

  • Jeans or pants with holes/slits (skin showing) can only be worn with tights/leggings underneath them if the holes/slits are higher than the length where the line of the palm meets the fingers when arms are held at the student’s side. No skin can be shown in areas that are indecent. Distressed areas are acceptable as long as no skin is showing higher than the length where the line of the palm meets the fingers when arms are held at the student’s side. 

  • Shoes that are flat and closed at the heel and toe (Crocs with heal strap okay) for safety allow safety when participating in sports activities and recess activities. All students must have tennis shoes for PE and it is preferred for recess and lunch activities to ensure student safety. 

  • Clean faces free of make-up. Natural lip gloss may be worn.

  • Jewelry or accessories that do not pose a safety threat. 

  • Hats with brims only, which provide sun protection to the face, such as baseball caps that are worn only outside on the playground with the brim facing forward. All hats are to be removed when entering any building. 

  • Clothing that has appropriate messages and artwork for a school environment. 

  • Any type of clothing that the administration deems to be inappropriate at school will be brought to a parent’s attention.


Students who violate the dress standards will be subject to disciplinary consequences consisting of but not limited to, recess detention, turning an article of clothing inside out and/or changing into loaner clothes. Parents may also be contacted to provide their child with a change of clothes for the remainder of the day. Continued violations could result in further disciplinary action.


Our intent is to mirror the expectations of a professional workplace and prepare your children for real-life experiences. The administration has the discretionary right to deem appearance as a distraction to the learning environment.