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Magnolia Elementary Behavior Definitions

Problem Behavior



Acting unfairly to gain an advantage/proof of student deliberately deviating from the truth


Student engages in brief or low-intensity failure to respond to adult requests.


Student engages in behavior causing an interruption in a class or during an activity.

Ex. yelling, noise with materials, sustained out of seat behavior. 

Inappropriate Display of Affection 

Student engages in physical contact of private areas or kissing one another. 

Physical Contact/Unsafe Actions

(Inappropriate physical contact) 

Student engages in actions involving physical contact where injury may occur. 

Property Misuse

Student engages in low-intensity misuse of property. Ex. Climbing or hanging on school property.

Teasing/Rumor Spreading

Student discusses others in an unkind way.

Committed obscene act

Physical activity of the human body that may offend others. 

Inappropriate Language

Student engages in instance of inappropriate language. 

Destruction of Property

Student participates in an activity that results in destruction of property based on intent or anger or emotional state.

Out of Bounds/Off Campus

Student is in an area that is inside of school, but out of designated areas boundaries.

Dress Code Violation

Student wears clothing that is near, but not within, the dress code policy defined by the school. 

Cell Phone

Student has their phone or watch on/out and in use. 

Technology Violation

Student uses technology in an inappropriate way or when not directed by staff.