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Magnolia Elementary School

"....a learning community driven by rigorous academic standards that ensures educational equity and high achievement for all students."

As you walk onto Magnolia's campus, you are greeted by beautiful rose gardens that line the walkway at the front of the school. You will also encounter a variety of other gardens throughout the campus that have been purposefully planted to represent different  aspects of student learning. Just as these gardens are  carefully and meticulously tended, each one of the 600 students at Magnolia are cared for and nurtured as well. All staff members work diligently to provide a comprehensive program, driven by rigorous academic standards, to ensure student proficiency in all areas. One parent commented, "My experience has been that Magnolia is a school which believes all children can succeed and succeed well."

The vision statement of Upland Unified School District states that "All students will acquire and apply knowledge." Student achievement results will show mastery of standards by individual students as well as by student sub-groups...with no significant difference in performance between groups." The professional teaching staff at Magnolia is dedicated to the implementation of this  vision within all learning areas of the school community. The staff values high expectations and high achievement, integrity of character, collaboration and innovation. In addition, the leadership and staff recruit support from community and parent volunteers as they actively work toward implementing this goal.

There is sufficient evidence that the staff makes this vision a reality on an on-going basis. The staff has high expectations for all students, and uses a variety of research-based instructional strategies to help students attain mastery of academic standards. Instructional programs  include 21 regular education classes, 2 SDC classes, a Resource Specialist Program, a part time speech therapist, a part time psychologist, a full time librarian, and instructional assistants. In support of these instructional programs, students have access to a library and computer lab. Magnolia's success is evident in the school's API and AYP results. In 2004, Magnolia achieved the status of California Distinguished School with an Honorable Mention in 2007.  Magnolia's consistent academic growth, along with its outstanding reputation in the community, are clear indicators of the staff's dedication to exemplary educational practices.


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